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Winter season: week seven – the lowdown

by | Sep 5, 2017 | News

The lowdown

We are now into week 8 of the winter season. There’s less than two weeks left of the regular season before our grand finals week!

You can see all the results and updated league tables from the first 7 weeks of the season online now.

Regular season cut off dates & grand finals

The grand finals take place in week 10 of the season. To qualify you must finish first or second in your division, the winner of the grand final is crowned the Oz Tennis Leagues champion!

All matches must be completed and submitted by midnight on Sunday 17 September to count towards qualification. Players will be notified on the Monday of week 10 if they have qualified for the grand final.

So, don’t delay, get on the court now and see if you can earn enough points to finish in the top two!

Matches of the week

So many 3 set matches taking place over the past couple of weeks, and so many players coming back after losing the first set. We couldn’t possibly pick just one! Here’s just a few of our favourites.

Rod Bragge (pictured) vs Anton Almas, Perth North Tennis League – 1-6, 7-5, 7-5 Rod Bragge

“This epic started out a fairly normal Fri eve tennis match, with me being taught a lesson as usual this season… so 1-6 down in the first and 3-0 up in the second, the crazy gusty wind and fine mist arrived… it eventually turned to rain but stopped briefly so we decided to play a third set rather than a tie breaker… it then pissed down, but we were committed to manning up… commence skidding and ballerina tip toeing about in the wet as now sodden 1kg balls flew like meteors… haha an all weather marathon at Kings park woohoo! Rod

Danilo GonzalezDanilo Gonzalez (pictured) vs Scott Riddle, Melbourne Inner City Tennis League –  5-7, 7-6 (7-4), 6-4

“Scott was one of toughest players I’ve ever played. He is a great singles player who knows the court and plays to win. Scott knows what, when and how to play each point, making it very hard for anyone. This match took us three different days (3 weeks) to finish. Thank you Scott for such a great match.” Danilo

Daniel Melo (pictured) vs Ryan Skorzewski, Perth North Tennis League – 0-6, 6-3, 6-4Daniel Melo

“What a match! A slow start for me and Ryan was unstoppable. Even when I tried my best shots he would return it and reset the point wisely. 6-0…quite a long set though. Second one I found my feet and got him 6-3. Last set we were really tired I was winning 5-2 and he came to 5-4. At the end I won 6-4 on a match could had gone for both of us. Well done Ryan. Look forward for a rematch.

Adrian Okoniewski (pictured) vs Jorge Nava, Adelaide East Tennis League – 6-3, 5-7, 6-4Adrian Okoniewski

“A fantastic close battle throughout. Tip of the hat to Jorge for coming back and winning the second set from 0-5 down, incredible effort! Good game. Adrian

Great tennis everyone!!

Bonus points

Don’t forget, complete all your matches and you gain 2 extra bonus points.

Completing all your matches

Do not despair if you feel like you are not going to complete all of your matches. The league structure is primarily set-up to encourage friendly, regular tennis. We’re not the 5th grand slam!

Therefore, just try and complete as many matches as you can, meet some new tennis partners and have some fun whilst playing.

And finally..

A few more great match notes from the past week. We love.

“If I could return Shesh first serves, I’d have been fine! But of course I couldn’t all the time. They’re just blasting rockets!! We played the first set one day, had to stop because of Shesh being hurt, we postponed the game 3 times because of bad weather but we finally got there. It’s been a very challenging game… and I loved taking it up :)” Mimi Ghisellini, Melbourne East Tennis League

“Tommy is a great pal with heavy serves and topspin. Excellent tennis partner to have a practice hit.” Danilo Gonzalez, Melbourne Inner City Tennis League

“Fahina has no fear in going for her shots and when on point the winners are blistering! Fun game.” Adrian Okoniewski, Adelaide East Tennis League

Enjoy week 8 & 9 of the winter season. See you on the court!

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