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Rules & etiquette

Nothing too serious, but have a quick read before you get playing


Here at Oz Tennis Leagues we’re all about getting people on the court. However, to help things along we’ve put together some simple rules to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Spirit of Oz Tennis Leagues

Playing in an Oz Tennis League is all about playing fun, friendly, social, competitive tennis. All matches should at all times be played in the same spirit. We’re here to get people playing fun tennis.

Some quick basics

Oz Tennis Leagues are designed to get people playing singles tennis, all leagues are mixed and are open to players aged 18+.

Organising matches

Once the league starts all players are responsible for organising their matches. As soon as your league is published you can start contacting your opponents to arrange your first matches.

The fixture schedule is designed primarily as a guide, therefore don’t worry if you play matches in a slightly different order. We also always have a few reserve weeks at the end of each season so you can catch up on any matches you weren’t able to schedule.


Communicating with players

Here’s some handy tips to help you organise your matches:

  1. Be pro-active. Everyone who has signed up is keen to play tennis, get in touch using our private messaging system or click on a player’s profile to find their email address and phone number. Text messaging is highly recommended as a quick and easy way to organise matches.
  2. Offer specific dates and times you can do. Take the initiative, if your opponent can’t make any of the dates and times you suggest, they can always offer alternatives.
  3. Suggest courts. If you know good courts nearby take the first step in suggesting where to play. Some players may be new to the area and not know all the local courts.
  4. Complete your profile. Including uploading a profile photo so your opponents know who you are.

All players should be courteous when communicating with other players, please endeavour to respond promptly to messages, even if it is just to let your opponent know you’ll get back to them soon or you can’t play. Players who disappear into the Bermuda Triangle make things very difficult for their opponents.

Before a match take down the mobile phone number of your opponent, then if you are running late you can let them know.

If you have to reschedule a match please give as much time as possible, and if you are on the wrong end of a rescheduling, try to be understanding, you never know when you may have to do the same. We have rules for walkovers, but everyone would much prefer to see matches played.


All matches should be best of three sets.

We appreciate occasionally you may not have enough time to play a three set match. Here are a few other options which are also ok:

  • Champions Tie-Break – If you get to one set each and find yourself running short of time, you can play a champions tie-break to 10 points instead of a third set. To do this, both players must agree.
  • Fast4 Tennis – If you are only able to book a court for one hour, you can play Fast4 Tennis, a shortened version of tennis. The 4 basic rules of Fast4 Tennis are:
    1. Play Lets – if the serve clips the tape and lands in the service box, there’s no let, it’s game on.
    2. No ad scoring – if the score reaches deuce, it’s a sudden death point. The receiver decides which side to take the serve on.
    3. Tiebreaker at 3 games all – the tiebreak is played to 5 points. A deciding point is played at 4 points all.
    4. First to 4 games wins – it doesn’t matter how you get there, just make sure you do before your opponent does.
  • Come back another day – If you are not able to complete your match, then you can always stop where you’ve got to and come back another time to pick up where you left. This just means you get to play twice rather than once.

All matches are played with standard tennis rules. Unfortunately we don’t have hawkeye in operation ?

Court hire

Court hire costs should be split between both players 50 / 50.

Always try to book a court for at least 1.5 hours and preferably 2 hours.


Both players should take along tennis balls which are either new or in good condition.

We suggest all players purchase some new cans of tennis balls before the season starts. We recommend purchasing Wilson Australian Open Hard Court Balls or Wilson Australian Open Grass Court Balls. Both can be purchased for less than $10 from Tennis Only.


Follow a few simple tips to ensure all matches are social, fun and friendly:

  • You call the balls on your side of the court
  • If you are uncertain, your opponent gets the benefit of the doubt and the ball is in
  • Don’t replay a point unless play has been interrupted by a third party
  • The server keeps score, call the score regularly to avoid any confusion
  • Don’t invade neighbouring courts
  • Don’t lose your cool, we know tennis can be frustrating, but remember, it’s just a game
  • Have fun and keep on smiling 🙂
Submitting scores

After you have played a match just click on the submit score button in the top right hand corner and enter the details.

Either player can do this, but we advise doing it straight after your match. It’s easy to do if you have a smartphone as soon as you come off court, after your warm down stretches that is.

All scores must be submitted within 24 hours of the match being played.

League tables

League table points are calculated as follows:

4 points for a win

2 points if you lose, but you win a set

1 point if you lose without winning a set

2 bonus points if you complete 3 matches before the half-way stage of the season

2 bonus points if you complete all your matches in a season

In the event of two players being tied on points at the end of the season the head-to-head result will decide the standings.

Withdrawals and walkovers


If you wish to withdraw from the league once it has started for any reason (personal circumstances, injury etc) please contact us so we can withdraw your fixtures and remove you from the player directory. We often have players on our reserve list so please let us know as soon as possible to give someone else the opportunity to play.

In the event a player doesn’t respond to your communication to play please contact us to let us know. We’ll then contact your opponent to confirm they still want to play in the league. In the event a player regularly doesn’t respond we may be forced to withdraw them from the league.


If a player hasn’t played any matches and withdraws / is withdrawn from the league we will not provide any walkover wins or points to any players.

If a player has played matches in the league and withdraws / is withdrawn from the league we will average the points won against this opponent and allocate the same points to any players who have not yet had the chance to play the withdrawn player.

Players can only generally claim a walkover win in the event a player refuses (this is strictly against the spirit of Oz Tennis Leagues) or is unable to play them. In these circumstances players can only claim a walkover win in the final week of the season, to claim a walkover win please submit your score as normal and detail the score as ‘walkover’.

Players may also, if they wish, claim a walkover win in the event a player reschedules or cancels a match more than once.

Walkover win points are awarded at the discretion of Oz Tennis Leagues. Our overall aim is to get people on the courts, therefore where possible we like to avoid walkovers, but appreciate in some circumstances they are unavoidable.

Ultimately we will always try to keep everything as fair as possible to all players.

Season dates

The season dates are fixed and will not be moved or extended apart from in exceptional circumstances. To view the dates for the current season please view our calendar.

All matches must be played within the start and end date of the regular season. The final day of the season will always fall on a Sunday, all scores must be submitted by midnight on this Sunday to be counted.

The grand final

At the end of each regular season the top two players in each division qualify for a grand final to be played in week 10. The winner of the grand final is crowned the Oz Tennis Leagues champion!

The cut-off date for matches to be submitted is midnight on the Sunday at the end of week 9. Players will be notified on the Monday of week 10 if they have qualified for the grand final.

The player finishing first in the division gets to pick the venue for the final. Players must agree between themselves the day and time for the match to be played, but a minimum of three different options must be provided by each player.

Moving up and down divisions

Moving up and down a division isn’t an exact science as the number of players in a league fluctuates from one season to the next. However, if you finish top of your division you will be guaranteed promotion to the next division up. Often we will also promote 2nd place, and sometimes even third.

Therefore, if you find yourself winning all your matches one season you’ll find yourself in a tougher division the season after. Keep on winning and you’ll be top of the first division in no time.

On the flip side, if you find yourself losing lots of matches we’ll move you down a division so you’ll be playing players who are closer to your playing level.


At the end of the season the champions of each division will be crowned with a Tennis Only gift voucher for $20 and a 50% off voucher for the next season.

You will also take home the pride & glory of being an Oz Tennis Leagues champion 🙂