Tennis Leagues in Perth

Learn more about our tennis leagues in Perth

Tennis Leagues in Perth

Tennis Leagues in Perth

Our Tennis Leagues in Perth are a great way of playing tennis with other people of a similar ability, without the need to commit and sign up to a tennis club membership. You’ll play lots of tennis and meet lots of new like-minded tennis players.

We give you the opportunity to play tennis games and matches at tennis courts that suit you, on a day that suits you and at a time that suits you.

Oz Tennis Leagues will place you in an organised friendly league with others of a similar ability. You’ll regularly play new opponents, bringing fresh challenges. Motivating you to dust off that old racket or keeping you motivated to play more.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to play for fun or a more seasoned player looking for an enjoyable, challenging tennis experience, we have a league for you.

Best of all, we have leagues across Perth, meaning you’ll play close matches close by to you. We’ve got a Perth North League and a Perth South League, plus we’ll be adding more soon. So, wherever you live you won’t have to travel far to play fun, friendly, competitive tennis.

What next? Let us tell you how it all works or find your local league.