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Getting started

Created your profile? Registered for your first season? Now, get on the court!

Four simple steps



Step 1 - Check your league

The day before the season starts your new league, division, opponents and player directory will be published. You’ll find all by clicking on the results & tables tab.

Check out everything on the first day of the season. We’ll also send you a handy reminder via email as soon as your league is published.


Step 2 - Organise your matches

As soon as your league is published you can start contacting your opponents to arrange your first matches.

Click on the exclusive player directory for your league. The directory features player profiles including contact information and player preferences. We also have an instant messaging system to make contacting your opponents easy.

We recommend you contact at least 3 opponents immediately. We also recommend you play your first match in the first week to get the ball bouncing.


Step 3 - Play your matches

And whilst you’re playing them have lots of fun!

Oz Tennis Leagues are competitive, but ultimately we’re all about meeting new players, improving your game and playing fun, friendly, sociable tennis.

Don’t forget, you get bonus points for completing 3 matches by the half-way stage so it pays to be pro-active.


Step 4 - Submit the score

Let us know the result using our submit score form. You’ll find a handy link for this in the top right hand corner.

Only one player needs to do this, but if you both submit the score there’s no dramas. You’ll see all the results and the latest league table standings updated every Monday.

That’s about it, all that’s left to do is Play, Enjoy & Compete