The answers to all your questions
Is playing in an Oz Tennis League for me?
YES! Oz Tennis Leagues are for everyone!
I’m only a beginner, can I play?
Yes, definitely. Playing in an Oz Tennis League is a great way to start playing matches without having to commit to joining a club, paying membership fees and dedicating time to training and playing every single week.

Every local league is also a great way to make new friends and build up your own network of tennis partners

They’ll be lots of other beginners playing. All beginners will be placed in the lower divisions so you’ll be playing with lots of other like minded players.

I’m a world ranked international pro, can I play?
Yes, definitely. That said, if you’re Sam Stosur or Nick Kyrgios you might struggle to fit it into your schedule.

If you’re already playing club tennis or have played to a high level before playing in an Oz Tennis League is an ideal way to play a little extra competitive tennis.

It gives you the opportunity to play singles matches against new opponents and on new surfaces. You’ll face some new challenges which will only improve your game whilst adding some nice variety to keep you fresh.

How do you assess what division a player starts off in?
Players are asked to assess their own playing standard, along with providing a little bit of information about how much tennis they have played before. We use this information to place new players into appropriate divisions to ensure matches are relatively even.

The primary questions we ask are related to your playing experience and standard. They are as follows:

1. Please pick one statement from the below which describes you:

I’ve never played tennis before
I’m a beginner just starting out
I’ve played tennis casually but never really played many matches
I’ve played tennis casually and occasionally I play some matches with my friends & family
I play tennis on a regular basis but don’t play much competitive tennis
I play tennis on a regular basis and play competitive tennis
I play tennis on a regular basis and play for a club team
I play tennis on a regular basis and play for a very good club team
I play tennis on a regular basis and am always playing for my club and in tournaments
I haven’t played tennis for a while and was only really a beginner back then
I haven’t played tennis for a while but I was ok back in the day
I haven’t played tennis for a while but I was pretty handy back in the day

2. Please rate your current playing standard:

1 – Just starting out
2 – Beginner
3 – Recreational
4 – Improver
5 – Intermediate
6 – Confident
7 – Club
8 – Competitor
9 – Serious competitor
10 – Novak / Serena

Further information and descriptions to help you rate your playing standard can be found here.

Do players move up and down divisions?
Yep, so if you find yourself winning all your matches one season you’ll find yourself in a tougher division the season after. Keep on winning and you’ll be top of the first division in no time.

On the flip side, if you find yourself losing lots of matches we’ll move you down a division so you’ll be playing players who are closer to your playing level.

Moving up and down a division isn’t an exact science as the number of players in a league fluctuates from one season to the next. However, if you finish top of your division you will be guaranteed promotion to the next division up.

When and where are matches played?
Matches can be played wherever you like. You could play at your local park tennis courts, at your tennis club, or, if you’re lucky enough to have your own tennis court then you can play there!

All you need to do is agree with your opponent a suitable tennis court.

The great thing about this is you’ll get to play a courts and clubs you’ve never been to before. You might find a really cheap park tennis court hidden away near to you that you never knew existed or you might play on a new surface at a tennis club and realise that you love it.

Variety is the spice of life.

How many matches will I play?
We aim to have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 9 players per division. Therefore, you will play between 6 to 8 matches per season, plus an extra one if you qualify for the grand final of your division. If you complete all your games early you can also arrange friendly matches. The regular season is 9 weeks long, with grand finals taking place in week 10.
How do I organise matches?
The day before the season starts your new league, division and opponents will be published. We’ll also send you a handy reminder via email to let you know.

Every league has an exclusive player directory (which is only accessible to registered players). The directory features player profiles including contact information and preferred courts.

We also have an instant messaging system to make contacting your opponents dead easy. Once your league, division and opponents are published you can use this messaging system to contact your opponents to schedule the date, time and location to play your match. Alternatively you can text or give them a call if it’s easier.

It’s up to you to organise matches, but as an added incentive, players who complete 3 matches by the half-way stage of the season and players who complete all their matches by the end of the season get bonus points in the league.

What are the rules for matches?
All matches should be best of three sets. Alternatively, if both players agree, you can play Fast4 Tennis rules or a champions tie-break to 10 points instead of a third set.

All matches are played with standard tennis rules. Unfortunately we don’t have hawkeye in operation 😉

How do I submit scores?
After you have played a match just click on the ‘submit score’ button on www.oztennisleague.com (top right hand corner) and enter the details. Either player can do this, but we advise doing it straight after your match, it’s easy to do if you have a smartphone as soon as you come off court (after your warm down stretches that is).

All scores must be submitted within 24 hours of the match being played.

How are league positions worked out?
You’ll find further information on the rules & etiquette page of your local league, but the basics are:

4 points for a win

2 points if you lose, but you win a set

1 point if you lose without winning a set

2 bonus points if you complete 3 matches before the half-way stage of the season

2 bonus points if you complete all your matches in a season

In the event of two players being tied on points at the end of the season the head-to-head result will decide the standings.

The grand final
At the end of each regular season the top two players in each division qualify for a grand final to be played in week 10.

The winner of the grand final is crowned the Oz Tennis Leagues champion!

What happens at the end of the season?

At the end of the season the champions of each division will be crowned the champion and be provided with free entry for the next season.

You will also take home the pride & glory of being an Oz Tennis Leagues champion 🙂

Can I re-register for a new season?
Yes, you will only ever need to create an Oz Tennis Leagues profile once.

With this profile you can register for new seasons. Your profile is attached to the original local league you signed up at (for example, Sydney Eastern Suburbs), however if you move house or would like to play at a new region (for example, Sydney Inner West) just drop us an email at play@oztennisleagues.com and we’ll change your local league.

What next?
Simply find your local league, or head straight to sign up.

Still need some more information? No worries, just..