How it works

So, you’re interested, but not sure how it all works? Let us explain everything


Signing up



Pick a location

Find a tennis league local to you. So, if you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, sign up to the Brisbane North Tennis League.


Create your profile

Sign up here using our quick and easy online form. You’ll need to tell us some basic information about your playing experience, including picking your playing standard from our playing standards assessment. This ensures you start in a division suitable to you and means you’ll be playing with others of a similar ability. All leagues are mixed-sex, singles leagues for adults (18+).


Register for the upcoming season

Registering to play in an Oz Tennis League is just $30 for a season. Each season lasts 10 weeks, with approximately 6 to 8 matches. We also offer a discount for players signing up 7 days before the season starts. Simply use the promo code ‘earlybird’ to register for only $25.

Calendar and important dates




You need to sign up before each season starts to play, the deadline for registering is the Thursday before each season begins. 


Season length

Each season goes for 10 weeks, followed by a short 2 to 3 week break. The seasons roughly mirror school terms.



The dates for our next season are:  

  • Autumn Season – Monday 9 May to Sunday 17 July




Welcome to your division

Once the sign up deadline has passed we will place you in a division with 7 to 9 players. We’ll send you all the information on your league, the group you’ve been placed in and the other players in your division.


Arranging matches

Once the season starts you can contact the players in your division to arrange your matches at locations, dates and times to suit you. When the season starts you’ll get access to an exclusive player directory for your league to view your opponents and message them direct.


Playing matches

You’ll have 9 weeks to play approximately 6 to 8 matches. If you really enjoy playing someone then you can always arrange to practice and play with them more often. Playing in an Oz Tennis League is a great way of meeting new tennis partners.

Post matches and season


Submitting scores

Once you’ve played a match, submit the score online, you should see a handy submit score tab in the top right hand corner. The league will be updated every Monday so you can see how you are doing.

The league table

You get points for winning matches, and some bonus points are on offer for completing all your matches. It’s all fairly straightforward, you’ll find full information on points scoring on your league page.

The grand final

At the end of each season the top two players in each division qualify for a grand final to be played in week 10. The winner is crowned the Oz Tennis Leagues champion.

What next?

Simply find your local league, or head straight to sign up.