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Autumn season – the lowdown one

by | May 17, 2019 | News


Welcome to our first edition of ‘the lowdown’ for our autumn season.

The lowdown is a quick way to keep you up to date with all the latest action, picking some top highlights from the past week or two of action. We also provide lots of useful information as we go through the season so keep your eyes peeled.

Daniel MeloMatch of the week

Our match of the week goes to Clinton and Dan (pictured) from our Perth North Tennis League.

Two old rivals battling it out, we’ll let Dan tell the full story…

“What a match once again. Clinton and I have been playing Oz league for 3 years or so and I can’t recall an easy match. First set he got me easily, hitting one the line all the time, just too good! Second set I assessed my game and done some adjustments, which I’m sure bothered him…that’s the game, sorry. Anyway it was close 7-5 for me. Third one he had a match point at 6-5 but I held still and took it to a tie break. We were both tired and trying not too loose, I had one match point and Clinton had two or three. In the end he got me 8-6, a deserved win. Well done mate and good luck for the rest of the league. Dan Melo, Perth North Tennis League

Brilliant way to start the season both.

Handy tips for organising matches

As you can see some players have already managed to complete more than a couple of matches in the first weeks of the season. If you haven’t managed to play yet, don’t worry, there’s still 7 weeks left of the regular season before our grand finals. Here’s some useful tips for getting on the court:

1) Be pro-active. Everyone who has signed up is keen to play tennis. Get in touch with at least 2 or 3 players using our private messaging platform or click on a player’s profile to find their email address and phone number.

2) Check out your opponents preferred tennis courts, days and times by clicking on their profile. This will give you a quick insight into when and where they’d ideally like to play. Don’t forget, all players need to be a little flexible.

3) Offer specific dates, times and courts that you can do. Take the initiative, if your opponent can’t make any of your suggestions, they can always offer alternatives.

4) Text, WhatsApp or call. A quick call is always likely to be the quickest way to arrange your match.

Q&A – Player not responding?

At Oz Tennis Leagues we’re all about getting people on the court. That’s our sole aim. Therefore we can appreciate it can be frustrating if a player doesn’t respond and falls into a black hole when you’re trying to organise a game.

If a player doesn’t respond to your original message, try giving them a text or a phone call. If this doesn’t work, please let us know and we will contact the player. Every player must play at least 1 game by the half-way stage of the season, any player who hasn’t will be automatically withdrawn. We are really keen to keep our leagues full of pro-active, sociable, fun tennis players.

And finally..

Some amazing match notes that highlight the Oz Tennis Leagues spirit 🙂 Keep them coming!

“Felipe was a good player. Very nice first serve and good volleys. I was lucky to play on my home turf and come up with some spin shots to get around him. Great match and a nice guy!” Simon, Melbourne Inner City Tennis League

“Colin is a fantastic runner and gets balls back you would never expect. Most games went to deuce. I had a lot of fun and will play socially with him in the future “ Shaun, Melbourne South East Tennis League

“Great to meet and play Lynn. It was her 1st competitive singles match. An enjoyable hit, especially in 2nd set when she found her range and beat me with some top passing shots.Jude, Sydney North Shore Tennis League

Enjoy week three and four of our autumn season. Any questions please just get in contact, we’re here to help.

See you on the court!

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