Adelaide tennis courts

Find tennis courts in the western suburbs of Adelaide

Where to play

Our interactive map shows a few of Adelaide’s tennis courts in the western suburbs. This is a guide to the comp area and should point you in the right direction if you need to find somewhere to play. There are loads more courts out there if you look hard enough, so keep your eyes peeled for those hidden gems. As you play more matches with new players you’ll be introduced to tennis courts in Adelaide you never knew existed.

Memorial Drive Tennis

West Lakes Tennis

George Whittle Reserve

Kingswood Tennis Club

Reade Park Lawn Tennis

Colonel Light West Tennis

Mellor Park Tennis

Tarlton Street Glenelg

Port Adelaide Tennis Club

Peake Gardens Riverside Tennis Club

Kesmond Tennis Club

Tennis South Australia Millswood Complex

Millswood Lawn Tennis Club

Western Youth Centre Tennis

Flinders Park Tennis Club

Kilburn Community Tennis Club

Kilburn Community Tennis Club

Woodville-Glengarry Tennis

West Beach Tennis Centre

Grange Lawn Tennis

Seaside Tennis Club

Henley South Tennis Club

Helmsdale Tennis Club

Helmsdale Tennis Club

If there is a tennis court you would like to see added please just contact us. We’ll add the courts to our Adelaide tennis courts map so other players can enjoy.